Mr. Mohit Mahey


Mohit has been in IT industry for more than 20 years and currently works as the Head of Regional Alliance between DXC and ServiceNow for Asia at ServiceNow , where he helps enterprises in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of technology and digital architecture.
In his role as Business Manager, Mohit helps in guiding enterprises towards realizing their technological aspirations while aligning them with their core business objectives, navigating the ever-evolving landscape of technology and digital architecture.
Mohit has proven track record characterized by his ability to lead and nurture partnerships with Global System Integrators (GSIs) and clients spanning the regions of Asia, Australia, and Europe.
Mohit’s specialization extends to the evaluation of complex business challenges across Banking, Telecommunications, and Manufacturing sectors, providing tailored technology recommendations that drive transformative change. Moreover, he excels in co-creating joint business plans founded on value-based propositions.


Platform Approach to World-Class Service Management


Companies in today’s modern world are under pressure to become more digital and automate their workflows to reduce cost, gain business value or both. That journey introduces new systems of record, enormous volumes of data and additional challenges on how to maintain, operate and secure these environments. Banks, traditionally technology driven organizations, are at the forefront of these new developments and the first who need solutions to maintain a future proof business.


During the session, DXC Technology and ServiceNow will go through these challenges and how a Platform-of-Platform vision and strategy helps in providing world class Service Management to the business. They will also showcase how the Platform strategy benefits a seamless user experience to your users, including the use of cutting-edge technology like Generative AI and Machine Learning.