Address: Keangnam Building – Landmark 72, Pham Hung Rd., Nam Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: 0971.360.360

Company profile

Viettel Cyber Security Company (Viettel Cyber Security) is a member of Viettel Group, performing in-depth research, development, and consulting on cyber security solutions. Viettel Cyber Security is currently a leading partner in Vietnam in ensuring information security for key national infrastructures, organizations and businesses in diverse industries such as: Banking, Energy, Electricity, Oil and Gas… Viettel Cyber Security has been reaching the international level with prestigious awards from world-renowned organizations, certified as the 2022 Vietnam Cybersecurity Services Company of the Year (by Frost & Sullivan)

Product/Solution introduction

– VCS-F2DR: Viettel Financial Fraud Detection & Response (VCS-F2DR) provides a powerful rule base that helps operators build scenarios based on rules from the user’s historical profile, behavior sequence rules, or rules related to the correlation of events in the timeline. As a result, our product offers a high degree of customization in creating from simple to complex scenarios to illustrate and detect multiple instances of fraud. The scenario build interface is optimized, suitable for the operation team. The fraud detection process will be quick and efficient.
– VCS-Threat Intelligence:
Viettel Threat Intelligence is a product of the information security monitoring ecosystem with the following functions: Collect, store and handle threats centrally, analyze and evaluate the severity of threats and issue warnings; supports monitoring and monitoring of risks, providing information on subjects related to the risk, allowing spread for investigation. Viettel Threat Intelligence system applies an international standard stream of risk collection, analysis and warning.