Ms. Trieu Van Anh


Van Anh leads Voctiv on strategic and operational activities in Vietnam. Together with Voctiv, she is on a mission to transform the way businesses communicate with their end customers by using AI agents, helping drive more sales and customers’ satisfaction for businesses, along with ensuring higher security with verifying customers by their voice technology.
Prior to Voctiv, her experience spans across the media and marketing technology industry.


How the AI-fueled Virtual Agents help improve customer experience?


In the race of enhancing customer journey, it’s more important than ever for businesses to approach and support customers with speed and quality. This is not easy to deliver! Many businesses are still stuck between choosing the human agents team or switching to a random AI agent solution. With a human agents team, it’s difficult to scale up immediately when needed, and challenging to control the quality of every agent. While a random AI agent solution in the market may just satisfy the speed, they fail in quality as customers can tell right away that they’re speaking to robot and reject continuing the conversation.
Voctiv comes in between with its human-like AI agent solution, that provides great customers’ experience, overperforms human agents team in many cases and lowers operation cost.