Mr. Otsuka Takahiro


I have experience for contact center business over 22 years with IT-Communications. We established a call-center company in Japan in 2000, then we were providing call center service in Japan and Vietnam over 22 years with 1,700 staff for many industrial customers, not only providing contact center services. We were able to create an easy-to-use system by defining the necessary functions by ourselves and developing the necessary functions by ourselves. This system development concept has continued since the establishment of the company, and the system is still evolving with many changes with clients and end-user demand. About Human resources development. Our duty doesn’t stop at just handing phone calls. Tele-Communication is not always easy to make customers understand, persuade and satisfy. We always have to be “sincere” enough for our customers to visualize our face. We always keep in mind the satisfaction of the customers, and seeing their satisfaction brings us great joy and makes us feel a sense of fulfillment. For getting customer satisfaction, we are obtaining necessary skills such as Multi-skills that can flexibly respond and the expertise of the industry.
The technological advancement of the internet has significantly changed the way of distributing information, and effective use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is about to move it further ahead. However, it is not the technology but the human which moves the heart of other people and brings satisfaction to them, and thus even if the method of communication is changed, the essence of it stays the same. We, IT-Communications, provide contact center service of the new era, with the concept of “Information Technology + Communication”, utilizing the cutting-edge systems and technologies flexibly fitting to today’s diversified environments. With over 22 years of call center operation experience in Japan, we can provide win-win contact center services which bring success for our clients and clients’ customers as well as we, IT-Communications, in the market of Japan. Our vision is to ensure that all your customers experience an easy, consistent and appropriate journey regardless of their channel of choice. IT-Com has confidence to achieve the target with your strong partnership.


How the AI-fueled Virtual Agents help improve customer experience?How the AI-fueled Virtual Agents help improve customer experience?


In the race of enhancing customer journey, it’s more important than ever for businesses to approach and support customers with speed and quality. This is not easy to deliver! Many businesses are still stuck between choosing the human agents team or switching to a random AI agent solution. With a human agents team, it’s difficult to scale up immediately when needed, and challenging to control the quality of every agent. While a random AI agent solution in the market may just satisfy the speed, they fail in quality as customers can tell right away that they’re speaking to robot and reject continuing the conversation.
Voctiv comes in between with its human-like AI agent solution, that provides great customers’ experience, overperforms human agents team in many cases and lowers operation cost.