Mr Balagopal Ravibalan


Balagopal Ravibalan is a Senior Principal with the Solution Consulting team of SunTec, based out of India. Bala comes with 20 plus years of experience in the BFSI domain having worked with various segments of banks around the world. Bala specializes in Digital Banking Strategy, Revenue Management Innovation and Customer Experience Advocacy. He has had previous stints at Capgemini, PwC, and Infosys


Hyper-personalized Banking – Unlocking Value for Customers


In an era, where the likes of Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google are influencing customer behavior and expectations, it is but natural for customers to expect the same degree of personalized service and recommendations from their banking service providers. Unlike in the past, the current generation of customers have no qualms in changing their banking service providers, if they feel that their bank does not seem to consider their individual needs, situations and aspirations. The “one-size-fits-all” mantra that was de-rigueur up until a few years back, will not work in the current market scenario and definitely does not have a place in the future of banking around the world.

How can banks adapt themselves to meet the changing needs of their customer base and transform from a sedentary behemoth to an agile innovative partner that is able to fulfil the needs and wants of its customer base? How can banks go beyond the traditional banking services and unlock true value for their customers through hyper-personalized offerings?