– HEAD OFFICE: 7th Floor, 97-99 Lang Ha, Lang Ha Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi
Phone: +024 666 22 447

Company profile

ACCESSTRADE Vietnam is Leading Effective Revenue Growth Platform in Vietnam & SEASIA whose foundation is Affiliate Marketing, developed by Interspace Vietnam – the Joint Venture between MOG Vietnam and Interspace Japan.

On the journey of 7 years establishing and growing, ACCESSTRADE has been a constant partner of over 1000 businesses (Advertisers), creating over 1,700,000 make-money-online jobs for Publishers who produce more than 3,000,000 orders per month.

Its effectiveness has been proved by not only its partners’ growth, but also remarkable prizes in the industry such as Sao Khue both Advertising, Marketing and Digital Communications Category & New Products and Software Solutions Category, or the MMA Smarties 2021’s Top Winner for acquiring 2,5 new active users for MBBank app in a 6-month period.

Product/Solution introduction

To optimize growth for Advertisers and diversify sources of earning for Publishers, ACCESSTRADE Vietnam has developed an ecosystem of 5 specific projects:
– ACCESS Affiliate: Affiliate Marketing solution for businesses to grow, applying conversion performance index such as CPA (Cost per Acquisition), CPS (Cost Per Sales) or CPQL (Cost per Qualified Lead). The project increases brands’ awareness on multi-channel effectively with no CPC/CPM, and sets fixed costs on each successful conversion.
– ACCESS KOC: KOC stands for Key-Opinion-Consumer. ACCESS KOC helps brands spread and stimulate sales via social media. With the KOC app and the first KOC ranking chart in Vietnam, the project helps brands access to KOCs easier and book the most suitable one.
– ACCESS D2C: The solution that helps D2C businesses boost direct sales from producers to customers/users. Businesses can take advantage of the Publisher network to not only increase sales but also optimize cost, hence better prices for customers.
– ACCESS Finance: Top 1 Affiliate Marketing solution in Vietnam’s Finance industry. Its top campaigns are in Finance, Banking, Loans…ACCESS Finance is a partner of Prudential, F88, FWD, Avay, Manulife… which make up nearly 80 campaigns, creating 6,500,000 clicks & over 600,000 leads per month.
– ACCESS Mobile: Acquiring and retaining users for apps thanks to ACCESSTRADE’s Mobile Marketing solutions. By fixed CAC, businesses can calculate specific cost for a user hence optimize ROI. ACCESS Mobile is ranked Top 5 Mobile Marketing Platforms in Growth Index in SEA by AppsFlyer.